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What started as a love of books, turned into a passion for helping others find joy in the pages. Anchor Bookery is a family book review & recommendation website curated with pages for all ages and anchored in faith. 

A place to find community, a shop with products that keep you Anchored in the Word, and book recommendations that you can depend on for discerning what books to read. 

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We help discerning readers find just what you are looking for to fill your reading lists and book piles. Sometimes you may not know exactly what that is – so we hope to inspire you to try a new author, genre or maybe even a well-written classic. 

We review and recommend books for all ages across the genres but always through the lens of a biblical worldview.

Most books will be anchored in faith, with a few books from mainstream literature sprinkled in. All books require discernment – even books anchored in faith can have topics that are sensitive, inappropriate for certain maturity levels or not everyone’s cup of tea. We do our best to give you the nitty gritty so you can decide which books are suitable for you and your children.

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book·ery  bu̇k(ə)rē 


A collection of books; a library, a bookshop.

Is bookery an actual word? Yes, according to Merriam-Webster it was first used in 1798. With that being said, don’t try to play it as a word in Scrabble – it’s not allowed!

Cite Source “Bookery.” Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/bookery. Accessed 13 May. 2020.

Our mission is to help you find joy in the pages! We know there are a lot of book review sites – secular and faith based for children and adults. So, welcome to our anchored in faith book community!

We wanted to provide a space to shine a light on books for the whole family while focusing on being anchored in faith. Secular worldview books get a lot of attention online, through booklists, social media and book clubs. But, we have discovered that many people don’t realize that there are amazing books to be read that are from a Christian worldview – they simply don’t get in the spotlight. Our goal is to highlight those authors, publishers, books and genres to get others reading books with a faith foundation. 

We also want to encourage parents, teachers, grandparents and mentors that you can find books that will engage a reluctant reader, jumpstart discussions with teens, and foster a love of reading – all while being anchored in faith.     

Anchor Points is our review rating criteria. Our goal is to give you information to discern for yourself what books to read. If a book is on our site, we recommend it. Most books will be from a Christian worldview, which simply means they are published by publishers of Christian material or written by authors who write from a Christian worldview. 

We use the term “discern” quite a bit at Anchor Bookery. We think it is important to teach discernment versus forbidding when it comes to books and reading. It is a tool that can cultivate faith, inspire reading and grow wisdom.

Short answer: Discernment separates what’s important or true from what’s not. So when reading, you can separate light from darkness, right from wrong, truth versus lie. 

The noun discernment comes from the Latin word discernere, meaning “separate.”  It describes a wise way of judging between things, or a particularly perceptive way of seeing things. If you can understand something that’s somewhat hidden or obscure — like figuring out the themes of a confusing book, for example — you’re using discernment.

We need to be able to discern for ourselves what is worthy of applauding and what requires warning against. The key word being “separate” not “avoid”. We will face these things in life whether we want to or not – so it is a good idea to teach our children how to do this. Books can provide an opportunity for us to practice and train to be discerning. 

Hebrews 5:14 says, “But the solid food is for the mature, for those who have their powers of discernment trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil.”

We review and recommend books that you can then purchase through our Bookshop .org links which will take you to our online bookshop. We do not have a physical bookstore, but we do appreciate you supporting our online shop.

No, we do not accept payment for our reviews or recommendations. We want to offer honest feedback and we are never required to give positive reviews. Although we do not post reviews or books that we cannot recommend. We do get paid through sponsored ads, affiliate links and our bookshop online. Feel free to read our affiliate disclosures, terms, privacy policy and FAQ pages.