A Mom’s Guide to Lies Girls Believe

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You can’t change the world, but you can prepare her for it. Your daughter is facing challenges you never dealt with at her age! From skyrocketing anxiety rates to bullying on social media, the Enemy’s lies are everywhere. How do you help the girl you love walk in freedom? Mom’s Guide to Lies Girls Believe, the companion book to Lies Girls Believe is your tool to come alongside your daughter in the fight against the lies the world is telling her. Based on in-depth research and focus groups led by Dannah Gresh, author of Secret Keeper Girl and Lies Young Women Believe (Coauthored with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth,) Lies Girls Believe teaches your daughter the Truth she will need to navigate the challenges she is facing. The Mom’s Guide provides research, cultural trends, and case studies about the problems tween girls face, but also offers encouragement and biblical insight to empower you to talk with your daughter about God’s truth. Together, these books give you the tools you need to start important conversations at an age-appropriate pace. Topics include: Lies about God Lies about Friendship Lies about the Future Lies about Myself Lies about Boys

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Sara Hinrichs - Owner at Anchor Bookery | Coast and Anchor
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A Mom's Guide to Lies Girls Believe is a companion to the "Lies Girls Believe" that is written for young girls to read. The chapters coincide with the younger age book and are included in the mom's version. If you are looking for a conservative, Christian guide for young girls in regards to lies they may believe, then this book would be a good start. Everything written in the book is from a Biblical perspective. With that being said, it is also a conservative perspective on lies that girls believe and should be used as a guide not a law. I have two daughters and found the information useful, maybe not completely perfect but at least a guide as the title suggests.

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