A Prayer for Our Country

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In A Prayer for Our Country, US Senate Chaplain Barry Black leads children in thanking God for America, while also exploring the ways we can model God’s love to support our country’s citizens, heal hurts that divide us, and look to a stronger, united future. A Prayer for Our Country: Uses kid-friendly language to show children how prayer can be part of our everyday lives Explores ways children can live out their faith Presents a positive message about kindness and respect Helps readers 4-8 see how they can help support and shape our nation Contains stunning illustrations that represent the diversity of our great nation by illustrator Kim Holt Senate chaplain Barry Black believes words matter and that healing and unity is possible in America if we see the image of God in others. In this prayer for children based on wisdom from his almost two decades of daily praying over the US Senate, Black offers needed and inspiring text to help the next generation grow stronger in faith and forward America’s dream. In addition, A Prayer for Our Country is perfect for: Helping kids better understand and respond to the events happening in America today Teaching children how to pray Reading aloud format for classrooms, storytime, and families

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From the bright illustrations to the eloquent prayer, A Prayer for Our Country is stunning! The wording of the prayer is thoughtful, sound and not overwhelming for children. Each page is bright, colorful and full of life. This would be a great book to add to your child’s bookshelf or to give as a gift!

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