A Very Thankful Prayer Seek and Find

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This sweet fall-themed seek-and-find activity board book helps your preschooler grow in gratitude as they search, match, learn, and give thanks. This refreshed favorite makes a great gift for many special occasions for you and your children or grandchildren to enjoy throughout the fall season. Help your toddlers and preschoolers develop pre-reading skills while your family gives thanks for all that the season has to offer–from watching the autumn leaves fall and picking pumpkins from the patch to sharing a Thanksgiving meal with loved ones and learning how to give and receive. This interactive edition of A Very Thankful Prayer includes heartfelt rhyming text about all the blessings of the fall season whimsical illustrations featuring woodland animals, updated to have just the right level of complexity for the youngest searchers a key of hidden objects on each page that includes the name of each item a bonus key on the back cover with even more items to find throughout the book Children ages 3 to 5 will build early learning skills as they develop observation and concentration skills learn letter recognition and connect letters with their sounds identify simple sight words and match words to pictures find bright pumpkins, colorful leaves, cozy hats, adorable critters, and much more build confidence in their own value and skills Look for other Bonnie Rickner Jensen titles in the Time to Pray series: A Very Merry Christmas Prayer A Very Merry Christmas Prayer Seek and Find A Very Happy Easter Prayer

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Be prepared for offensive language, mature situations, potential violence or heavy topics throughout. Age and sensitivity to any of the above content should be considered.

Maturity level and age should be considered. Includes several mentions of one or all of the following: offensive language (such as name calling, swearing, vulgar words), violence, romantic relationships and substance abuse.

Has some content to take note of including language (potty talk, stupid, dumb, etc), bad attitudes towards others or adults, sensitive topics such as death of a pet or bullying, relationships beyond friends (crushes, etc).

Content is appropriate for all ages.


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