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Mel Ellis knows that her eating disorder is ruining her life. Everyone tells her rehab is her best option, but she can’t bring herself to go. Broken and empty in more ways than one, Mel makes one last-ditch effort to make hers a story worth telling. She will walk her own road to recovery along the lesser-known trails of the North American wilderness. Though she is physically and mentally unprepared to face the difficulties that lay ahead, she sets off on foot from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and heads toward Mount Rainier National Park in Washington State. During the long journey, she meets strangers with their own stories, as well as ghosts from her past who can no longer be ignored. But though the land she travels threatens her success at every turn, it’s her own dark thoughts she’ll have to overcome in order to find peace in the life and the body she has been given. With pitch-perfect timing and delightfully witty self-awareness, debut author Autumn Lytle masterfully leads readers on a journey down the hard path toward healing.

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Sara Hinrichs - Owner at Anchor Bookery | Coast and Anchor
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All That Fills Us by Autumn Lytle focuses on a women’s “healing” journey from an eating disorder and past trauma. While this type of topic is needed in Christian fiction, I’m not sure this one hit the mark for me. It was hard to engage with the main character and parts were unrealistic – such as a 2,000 mile trek across the country on foot after being released from the hospital. While the book does make a few mentions to God, it is not a book that would be considered Christian fiction. Lytle writes from her own experience with an eating disorder, which lends to the depth of the storyline. Overall, I think some will be able to connect to this book better than others. It should be noted that this could be a triggering book for some and it is by no means a manual or guide on how to treat or manage eating disorders.

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