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Miss Isadora Delafield may be an heiress, but her life is far from carefree. When her mother begins pressuring her to marry an elderly and uncouth duke, she escapes from the high society world she’s always known and finds herself an unlikely candidate for a housekeeper position in rural Pennsylvania. Mr. Ian MacKenzie is known for his savvy business sense and has built his reputation and fortune completely through traditional hard work. But when his adopted parents are in need of a new housekeeper and Isadora is thrown into his path, he’s unexpectedly charmed by her unconventional manner. Neither Isadora nor Ian expected to find the other so intriguing, but when a chain of mysterious incidents on the farm point to a larger threat, they’ll have to set aside everything they thought they wanted for a chance at happy-ever-after.

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Sara Hinrichs - Owner at Anchor Bookery | Coast and Anchor
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Somehow Jen Turano weaves humor into her books with such finesse. You simply cannot read without laughing out loud at some point. Truly it is a joy to read her stories! What I also appreciate is that the female characters are not laughable, but rather strong, charismatic, hard working individuals. The characters are well developed and not lacking in any way. It’s not just the hero and heroine that will capture your attention but the supporting characters as well (some of which are not human). While most are likable, watch out for the villain who holds a title – the Duke. There are plenty of laughable moments, but the story is also faith filled and has a hint of mystery. It’s a story that will capture your heart and your attention. If you are looking for a book that is a bit light hearted and will give you a laugh, pick up Flights of Fancy. It’s a gem!  

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