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Overwhelmed. Stressed out. Burnt out. Fried. However we name it, all of us know what it feels like to deal with circumstances and worries that drag us down and wear us out. Many of us experience persistent anxiety. Peace can be hard to find. But it is in the middle of our stress and fear that God extends his unshakable peace to us. In this beautiful book that is part devotional and part Bible study, Ann Swindell shares how the biblical stories of eight women and men helped her realize that what she needed most in her own journey wasn’t a stable job or healthy kids or good friends–it was God’s peace. Through forty faith-stirring readings, Ann will help you: · Experience God’s peace in your daily life · Respond to challenges with faith rather than fear · Find hope in God’s goodness and faithfulness toward you The good news is that even if our situations don’t change, we can still experience Christ’s peace in our daily lives. The Path to Peace is for everyone who longs to experience a soul at rest.

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The Path to Peace by Ann Swindell is a devotional that is beautifully written to give you the tools to discover peace in a broken world! Each section focuses on a person of the Bible and is then divided by day as you walk through your path to peace. Readers will find each day beginning with a focus verse, then a scripture passage to be read in the Bible, followed by an overview devotional and ending with a reflection prayer. Swindell doesn’t just give you a devotional with her opinion, she gives you the tools to dig deeper in scripture. Sometimes we don’t know where to begin or how to study the scriptures, but with The Path to Peace you will find a starting point to your journey. It is not only an excellent book to read for yourself, but one that would be a perfect gift for a friend! Buy Now:

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