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It can be difficult finding the right book for discerning parents and picky readers. We give you the resources you need to help your child find the right book. Whether you need content considerations, reviews, or recommendations – find a book your child will enjoy and you are confident in. Find joy in the pages for all ages! 

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review criteria

We base our overall rating on these criteria – literary quality, spiritual value and content considerations. Although we review all books with a Biblical worldview, not all books will have spiritual value. This does not mean they are not worthy of being read. Some books are academic while others are thought provoking, we encourage reading across the board. Our recommendations will mainly be books from a Christian author or publisher but we will not judge books on their level of spirituality.

Literary Quality

Based on how well it is written and edited. Does it contain words and phrases that develop complex meaning and imagery for the reader? Has it been edited well?

spiritual value

Does the book include faith in the plot, characters or scenes? If so, then we will value it accordingly. 1 being very little and 5 being a Christian viewpoint throughout


Cautions will be noted on content you may want to discuss or topics that could bring up questions. These are great opportunities to teach discernment!

Overall Rating

We base our rating of a book on writing quality & a Christian worldview. Anchor Bookery is built around books that we view through that lens.

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