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With so many books available to our teenagers and young adults, we strive to give you reviews, content warnings and recommendations to have confidence in the books they choose. Even books anchored in faith can have topics that are sensitive, inappropriate for certain maturity levels or not everyone’s cup of tea. We do our best to give you the nitty gritty so you can decide which books are perfect for you or your children. We want to help you find joy in the pages!

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Reading Level and Age

Suggested Reading Level is what the author and/or publisher has determined. Recommended Reading Level is what we recommend based on content, topic or maturity level.


We base our rating of a book on writing quality & a Christian worldview. Anchor Bookery is built around books that we view through that lens.

content considerations

Content Considerations will be given for content you may want to discuss or topics that could bring up questions.


When possible, we will note a similar to or replace this with that for popular books that are from a secular worldview. This is simply for your reference and is not a review of the other book or whether or not to read it.

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