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Are you in a place where you have started to question, Do I still believe that nothing is impossible with God? Using the biblical account of Noah, Nicki Koziarz will help you stop negative patterns of thinking, look ahead at what is possible, and replace your doubts with trust. It’s time to truly believe that there is a God who can do the impossible.

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Flooded by Nicki Koziarz dives into the hard parts of life and the doubt that creeps in. She then uses the story of Noah to tackle 5 decisions to make when that doubt starts to settle in. There is an accompanying study guide and videos on YouTube that will help you dig even deeper. I recommend using those along side the book. Flooded will take you deeper into Noah's story than just the storybook version from your youth. It is full of practical application and life stories that will resonate within your heart. If you have ever been in a place of questioning or feeling as though something has to give, Flooded is a book that should not be missed. 

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